Three masks, three solutions

Summer is that time of the year when our skin is exposed more to the sun and to the dust particles in the air. This eventually leads to problems like clogged pores, increased skin bacteria and sun tanning. 

It is essential we take good care of our skin that too with the right products being in our skin care regime. Using a face mask helps deep clean clogged pores and makes the skin feel supple and healthy. Masks can be used before makeup, before bed time or after cleansing off makeup (depends on your skincare routine). 

The three organic masks from Arine’s skincare line include: Rejuvenating mud mask, Restorative clay mask and Glow on the go. What makes these masks organic and safe to use is the fact that they are in powdered form and their ingredients are only activated once a diluting liquid (water or milk – different for each mask) is added.  

One of the most loved, the rejuvenating mud mask, made from deep sea mud, is well suited for all skin types. It can be prepared by mixing it with water. For improved results in summer, chilling it in the freezer for five minutes prior use gives an excellent cooling effect. The mud mask helps calm down inflammation, deep cleans clogged pores and soothes the skin. 

For those struggling with oily skin in summer, the restorative clay mask is the right catch. It is prepared by mixing with milk. Clay mask can be applied to the face and left for fifteen minutes or until dry. Reduced redness, a more even complexion and reduced appearance of pores is observed after washing the face. 


Saving the best for the last, this two in one Glow on the go mask + exfoliator is a winner for all. Suited for all skin types, the grains when mixed with milk should have a paste like consistency. After being applied on the skin, the mask must be left on for 15 minutes or until dry. Once dried, exfoliate the mask using damp hands in circular motions on your face. This results in Vitmain C penetrating inside the pores evenly and gives a luminous appearance to the skin. If you have acne prone skin avoid exfoliating as it may trigger acne bacteria.


You can definitely find a match for your skin type from the range of Arine face masks this summer. So, what are you waiting for?



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